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Welcome to Legacy, LLC. We are a premier property management company with deep roots within the housing management industry. We are an IREM Accredited Management Organization® with our main office located in central Michigan, however we offer services to a vast area in the Mid-West region. Our services include a multitude of housing markets including Affordable, Commercial, Condominiums, Cooperatives and Market/Apartments. Legacy is committed in meeting all Fair Housing requirements.

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Legacy Would Like To Welcome
New Properties To Our Family



3526 St. Antione
Detroit, MI 48201

Charles Terrace /
Sojourner Truth


4801 E. Nevada
Detroit, MI 48234

Harriet Tubman


2450 W. Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48208

State Fair


1231 W. State Fair
Detroit, MI 48208

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Ladies Hoping To Meet Tony Bennett

Click on this link to see their story by WZZM13
We will keep you updated to see if Tony stops by.

We Are Pleased to Welcome The Following
Properties to Our Legacy Family

Heritage Village of Holt
Pinecrest Village at Mackinaw

2017 Legacy Shines Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Legacy Shines Contest!  Please help us congratulate these very deserving winners!
We had multiple amazing entries and once again, the voting was done by an independent team outside of the Legacy family to keep the judging fair and unbiased.
1st Place Winner - Lorenzo Terry from Emerald Springs
With only temporary staff to assist him for over a year, Lorenzo skillfully guided Emerald Springs to a REAC score of 90 for Phase 1A and an 87 for Phase 1B. He is so committed to both Emerald Springs and Legacy he was disappointed with the 87!   He even managed to another site while all this was going on.  Lorenzo is truly a Shining Star!
2ND  Place Winner – North Hill Farms Team
In the past year, with all new employees, they have accomplished coming together as a cohesive team to turn over 100 apartment homes, many of which included significant rehab and repairs! The beginning occupancy with this team was just 84%.  In addition, with the monthly move-outs and numerous evictions thrown into the mix, the property has seen a decrease in crime, increased cash flow and increased occupancy to an all-time historic high of 99%!
The North Hill Farms team has shown tremendous initiative, hard work and dedication to improving the community and the bottom line!  For this reason, they SHINE!

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    Legacy Would Like To Welcome Several New Properties To Our Family:

    Heritage Village of Holt
    Pinecrest Village at Mackinaw

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    Legacy, LLC is proud to help our community and State by being part of the “Adopt-A-Highway” program. Our current location is located on the southwest side of Lansing on I-96.

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  • Villa Maria In The News
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Sutton Club…..
“Everyone has been so sweet and friendly to us, even before we officially became residents. We are above and beyond thankful for all of the extra accommodations that have been made for us! We brag about this place to everyone!!”

—Whitney Black & Steven Phillips

Village Townhouses…..
“The best kept secret in South Lansing”


Fairfield Corporation…..
“A good working relationship is essential between an owner and their property management company.  The team assembled at Legacy has earned our trust and confidence over a number of years.  We value their commitment to us and the residents of our community.  We look forward to continuing our relationship.”

— Scott A. Kerr 
(Managing Partner)

Tae Keuk Village…..
"For last two decades, we are so proud of your great services. Safety and Caring are most important mission for the tenants.
Legacy, LLC is the outstanding company to meet mission and Philosophy with Best In-Class satisfaction."

—James Jinsang Kim

Legacy, LLC…..
Please let this letter serve as my acknowledgement  as to the professionalism Legacy  Services exemplifies.  The three individuals  that established  this company have the utmost honesty, integrity and hard work ethic, that has created the foundation  of Legacy.
Linda, Mary and  Kathy worked hard to ensure our refinancing  of Villa Maria Senior Housing was smooth, captured the most favorable terms and created cash flow for the first time in 30 years.
I have no doubt the goals we have established for our properties with Legacy will be met or exceeded.

—John Morrissey 
General Partner 

“We’re more than a company, we’re family!
When I came to work for Fairway Club Apartments 6 years ago, I was only looking for a job. What I found was a family. People who enjoy coming to work every day and look forward to serving our residents. People who strive to make Fairway Club a better place to live. I would like to thank Legacy for being the head of our family! A company with great leadership, which drives us all in the right direction and provides the necessary employee resources to help us preform the best to our ability.”

Stephanie L. Thompson
Maintenance Team Member
Fairway Club Apartments

Dear Sutton Club Staff,
Thank you for another year of excellent service. All of you make our apartment feel like home. The dedication and hard work all of you contribute make it pleasant to live here.

—All the Best,
Katherine and Patrick

Sutton Club Friends,
Thank you so much for hosting the holiday dinner. The food was wonderful! And the prizes were a nice surprise, especially since I won. My shelf unit is already assembled & filled with paper & card making supplies.
Have a blessed New Year!

—Cheryl Van Til

Thank you all for many great years in a wonderful home. All office staff have been wonderful.
Thank you Elaine and Marsha! I’ve only had a couple interaction with Pashion, however she has been wonderful too. Thank you to all those that clean the hallways and keep the grounds looking nice. Thank you to the best maintenance team. Terry and Mike have done many things throughout the years. I’ve appreciated them both so very much!!!

Thank you,
Melissa Maki
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